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“Yes, my skin is chocolate brown..."


 I’m Proud to be Me-e-e-e! It’s the story of a young Black girl named Zoe whose self-love and confidence are built up at home by her empowering mother (and loving pups Marley and Beans), but then tested when Zoe goes into the world and is met with shaming questions about her hair, skin, and clothes.
In a moment of humiliation, Zoe remembers the voice of her mother and their empowerment song—"I'm proud to be m-e-e-e!”— which turns into her voice as she stands up for her wonderful, unique self.


So I stood up and echoed the voice of my mom:

“Yes, my skin is chocolate brown. My thick, black coils are tied in a puff, And you'll probably catch me dancing around.


My nose, and smile, and polkadot shoes

May be different from what you've seen.

But that doesn't make them any less great!

I'm proud to be me-e-e!”


After this manifesto, Fleming’s Zoe braces for ridicule, but is surprised to learn that her confidence and public encouragement for celebrating differences has moved her classmates to more easily love themselves as well. 


Ending in excitement that her mother’s love could be trusted and that her courageous declaration of worth could be contagious, this book will be a resource of empowerment on whatever shelves it will land.