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We curate content and products full of COLOR, culture and mindful connections to EMPOWER you to LOOK, FEEL & DO GOOD!  


BTW, you're not STUCK in that 2020 rut... you just need to try something NEW! I'm here rooting for you! WE got this! 

this is where color, culture

& mindful connections

collidE ...

to inspire you to create a life

you Love!

my favorites

colorful, cultural, culinary and mindful gifts FOR YOUR HOLIDAY 2020!

(Oh & be sure to use my discount codes on your purchase)


I can't get enough of this COLORful holiday gift wrap from Joy Creative Shop! This is just one of many cheery and gorgeous gift wrap options for you to choose from this holiday 2020! 


  Unique, FUN

& cultural gifts

I’m always looking for gifts that are both rich culturally and bursting with color! Here are some of my favorites that accomplish both. 

books, mugs, puzzles

Don’t just choose something off the shelves this year, instead choose a gift to encourage your loved one to choose color, culture and mindful moments.  


In this section, you'll find a collection of truly exciting adventures, without even leaving your home— after all, it’s 2020, that's where we'll all be!  :)


FOOD, kitchen

& cook



One of my favorite ways to infuse color and culture into my life is through FOOD!


Here's where you'll find food from various cultures, kitchen must haves that combine culture and give back as well as cookbooks with flavors from all over the world!        


Travel may be limited this year but,  these cookbooks can be a great gift for you to inspire someone to try something new or learn something new this holiday season!


hey frienD
i'm Mia!


I know what it's like to feel stuck...and let's face it 2020 has been A LOT. Nine months into a pandemic and in many ways we're all stuck in a new normal but it's up to us to do all we can to stay safe and make the best of it!


Nearly every time I've felt stuck in life, it's because I haven't tried anything new lately. 


As a former TV News anchor/reporter, show host and producer, I left at the height of my 15-year career. I felt stuck and I knew there was more for me--an even greater calling on my life. I just had to see beyond where I was to get to where I wanted to be. Now, I'm on a mission to help YOU do the same!


I want the content you find here to be an opener for you to be able to try new things and expand your horizons so that you're not looking at where you are, but you're looking at where you can go and that's how you get unstuck and live your best life!  


The reality is, not even a pandemic can keep us stuck. In fact, feeling stuck during the pandemic is how Mia Fleming Media and Design Co. was born!

It's a premier lifestyle brand offering COLORful, cultural and consciously curated content, products and experiences to give YOU a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in life at a time when we need it most (Hello 2020)! 

I'm also a TV & media host. content producer, wife, dog mom (praying for real babies), lover of  giving, donuts, dance parties, genuine and mindful connections, confetti, anything and everything COLORful, cultural and so much more!


Let's do this! 

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